Financial health is something INB thinks about every day.  We encourage people to save. We tell them: a little change can go a long way. We’ve seen kids squirrel away birthday checks to one day buy a bike. We’ve seen organizations turn pennies into thousands of dollars. And every day, we see customers save for things on their wish lists through a program we call Pocket Change.Barnaby with pocket change

Pocket Change is tied to the debit cards you use with your INB checking account.  Each time you use your debit cards, we round the purchase to the dollar amount of your choice between $1 and $9.  We take that difference between your purchase cost and the amount you designate and move it to a savings account. Over time, you can really see your savings grow.

Turn Your Change into Help for Your Community

Enroll by July 31, and we’ll turn your Pocket Change savings into a donation to the Covid-19 Response Fund for the Greater Capital Region of Illinois. The fund is managed by the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln and the United Way of Central Illinois. INB will match your donations for the first 30 days up to $100 per checking account.

To turn on Pocket Change or to temporarily designate the fund for your Pocket Change savings, simply visit your digital bank online or on your phone using the INB app. From the navigation:

  1. Choose “Messages.”
  2. Click on “Choose a Form to Submit.”
  3. Select “Pocket Change for Charity.”
  4. Complete the short form and submit.

Please keep in mind that the donation is tied to your account activity, so anyone with a debit card tied to the account will be participating in the program.

You can expect Pocket Change to be up and running within 24 hours. Each time you use your debit card, “round up” the amount in your check register so you’ll have an accurate summary of your account balance. INB will do the rest. We’ll collect your donation and match it up to $100 over the first 30 days.

To date, over $80,000 has been awarded to community organizations through four weeks of funding from the Covid-19 fund. 

It’s More than a Little Change

To you it might be change, but combined with donations from other bank customers and a matching donation from INB, we’ll help make a big change in the lives of people in our community.  We hope you’ll join us by enrolling in Pocket Change and agree to add your personal change to the Covid-19 fund.