When Jamie Singer first walked into her new office in INB’s Deposit Operations, she was struck by one thing.

“It was so quiet!” she laughs.Jamie Singer

After spending 20 years on INB’s “front end” – working directly with customers and in a forward-facing role as VP, Treasury Services – Jamie has now taken a new position as VP, Deposit Operations.

“(INB President) Sarah Phalen encouraged me in this new role; she shared that because of my knowledge and expertise and knowing what the front end needs, I can help make the front end better from the back end,” Jamie says. “I know what our customers and sales staff need so we can continually improve our services from the back end.”

So what exactly is deposit operations?

On the consumer side, the department of 15 employees does everything from making sure that transactions post correctly to customer accounts and all wires and ACH numbers are correct to servicing and supporting the entire online system of the bank.

On the business side, our team supports services like remote deposit capture (RDC) and Positive Pay. Staff members also handle internal imaging of all account documentation and record retention for the bank.

“We laugh that it’s where the magic happens,” Jamie says. “A lot of people know about ACH or deposits but don’t know how it actually gets done. When I was on the front end, it almost felt like you just pressed a button and everything magically got done. I have a whole new appreciation for this department. There is definitely a lot that happens back here on a daily basis.” 

While many employees in the banking industry stay on one side, Jamie is excited she gets to experience the front end and back end of the bank in her career – even though she’s still getting used to less noise! She misses the daily personal interactions she had with her customers, but continues to keep in contact with many in her new role. 

She looks forward to continuing to make banking easy for INB customers from behind the scenes.

“Without deposit operations running smoothly, it would severely impact our customers - businesses wouldn’t get their payroll sent out or a wire would go to the wrong place,” she says. 

“Everything that happens to customer accounts on a daily basis funnels through our department. It’s our daily goal to make sure everything processes correctly and keep our online system and app up and running in order to make our employees’ and customers’ lives easier.”