You can argue over the value of remodeling old buildings or tearing them down and starting from scratch, but as our resident historian Mike Jones says, “Every time you bulldoze a building, you lose a connection to the past.” 

At INB, we believe those connections should remain strong and remembered. Kitchen in progress

We demonstrate that by investing in historic buildings in downtown Springfield – first with our downtown branch, then in the renovations of two buildings on the same block that now house our growing staff and operations. 

Most recently, we spent nearly a year on the remodel of 425 S. 4th St., located between our conference center at 431 S. 4th and our main downtown branch.

The building was transformed from a leaky, dingy storage space to a beautiful, modern and state-of-the-art facility.

The history of 425 S. 4th St.

Mike Jones, ATM analyst for INB, enjoys sharing the history of our buildings.

According to Mike, the current building at 425 S. 4th was constructed around 1923 or 1924.

Prior to that, there was a mansion on the property built by a family, Christopher and Bettie Stuart Brown, who were related to the Lincolns. After Bettie’s death in 1869, Christopher donated their home and grounds to open a boarding school called The Bettie Stuart Institute, serving the daughters of local well-to-do families.

The building that now stands in this location was first a Chevrolet dealership, Mike says.