Imagine: You’re at a local soccer tournament with your little athlete, and yoGroup of kids playing socceru want to buy a sweatshirt or other “swag” provided at the game. But you don’t have cash or a check to make the purchase . . . so you walk away empty-handed.

If you’re the one selling swag, that’s a big loss. But there’s an easy fix.

With INB’s payment processing services, you can be ready to accept a credit or debit card payment anytime, anywhere. 

INB has recently added a payment processing system called Clover to our line-up, through our partnership with provider First Data. Clover is a robust point-of-sale system that can easily evolve with your business.

You may be familiar with other processing systems, such as Square or HarborTouch. But Clover offers variety and ease of use that is unmatched in both the micro-merchant and the larger-scale business world.

From simple debit card and credit card transactions – like shirts at a sports game! – to running an entire business, Clover can handle pretty much anything you throw at it.

Not only that, but if you need help with any issue, you can reach us directly. We have a local representative who is only a phone call away, unlike the major ecommerce brands.

Which Clover Will You Pick?

INB offers a few different Clover options:

  • Clover Go is a Bluetooth-connected device that connects directly to a cell phone or tablet and allows a business to run remotely.
  • Clover Flex is a handheld machine that sits on a charging dock or can be moved so you can ring up customers anywhere in your store or restaurant. Clover Flex runs via a wi-fi connection but also has the capability of being used with a cell phone connection if wi-fi can’t be accessed. Additionally, Clover Flex gives you access to other applications to meet your company’s needs.
  • Clover Mini is our tablet option. Like the Clover Flex, you can access Clover’s wide-range of applications to assist your business in a variety of ways. This machine runs on Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection, but is stationary in the place of business.

With any of our Clover options, your payment processing can evolve with your business operations.

From the first use, you’ll immediately notice Clover’s intuitive design and step-by-step software. All of our Clover machines are compliant with new payment card industry (PCI) requirements and offer chip, swipe, and tactless payment options. And the machines’ designs are modern and blend in with any setting.

Get Started Processing Payments with Clover

Ready to use Clover? The process is simple. First, an INB representative will speak to you about your processing system or needs. We’ll take a look at your last full month of processing - or your last busy month if you run a seasonal business.

Then we’ll work together with First Data before meeting with you to help you apply for the merchant services. Following application approval, we’ll come into your business to install and set up everything you need to process payments from your customers.

At INB, we consistently look for the best solutions to make banking easier. For our business customers, that means an easier way to process payments.

Give us a call today at 217-747-8715 to learn more about Clover!