Lindsay (Roseboom) Last was the first point of contact for an INB customer who was concerned about fraud on an account.

“I was able to give them the proper advice to stop the fraud and the steps to take to help ensure it didn’t happen again,” she shares. “That really gave them peace of mind; they knew we were considering their account and working to protect their money.”

Lindsay is part of the INB Customer Care Center, a central department for the bank that handles customer questions and concerns quickly and seamlessly. The team works out of an office in the bank’s headquarters in downtown Springfield.

The Care Center staff strives to meet the bank’s mission of minimizing financial pressure for customers and making banking easy. The Customer Care Center, also known as our Call Center, promotes this mission by giving customers an excellent client experience from the first call.  Watch our video.Call Center rep working on a call

The ‘front line’ of INB

“INB’s Customer Care Center is the front line of the bank,” says Steve Miller, vice president of client services. “When you call in, we realize there could be some frustration or panic, because we’re dealing with people’s money. We want to let that person know that they’re important to us, we know their name, and we are going to solve their problem.”

Incoming calls to INB are queued into the Customer Care Center, which allows us to identify an issue and handle those consistently and efficiently. Calls are also recorded so that our staff can review and continue to make improvements in providing an excellent experience.

“We are creating a strong relationship with customers, even over the phone,” Lindsay says. “We know them by their voice, and they know us by name; we are building trust, and they understand that we have their best interest in mind.”

Customer Care Center supports all areas of bank

Our engaged Call Center also allows other INB departments to focus on their core efforts and expertise.

“A major reason we opened was to provide additional capacity or time for our staff inside the bank,” Steve says. “We try to resolve a question on the first call, so we don’t have to transfer someone around. If they need an expert, of course we will send them on, but we want to give more capacity to our staff while we’re giving our customers a great experience.”

Chris (Webb) Russell, customer care supervisor, was one of our staff who helped start the Customer Care Center. She knew how much it was needed after fielding around 30 calls a day while working at an INB branch.

“At times, it could be overwhelming. Now we help take some of that stress off our employees so they can assist in-branch customers,” she says.

“From informing someone of their balance to opening an online account for our customers, no call is the same. And the best part of all is we grow relationships with many of the callers; they look forward to hearing our familiar voices.”

When we can enrich our customer experiences and make banking easier, we can feel good about that.

Steve says, “Our Customer Care Center staff really make this go and help our customers feel welcome. When staff members get off a call, they are glad to provide that high level of interaction and make our customers feel valued.”