Seasons Under the OaksWhen Steve and Kim Zaubi brought the idea of the first independent, private pay senior living facility to Springfield, INB got on board. 

Now Seasons Senior Living offers residents over 55 a beautiful, thriving place to enjoy retirement to the fullest extent.

“It was a big leap of faith for him to do something that had never been done in Springfield, and a big leap of faith for INB,” says Zane Zaubi, Steve and Kim’s son who is now involved in the business operations. “INB saw potential in what Seasons was about.”

Seasons Senior Living is family-owned and operated, providing an active, independent community for adults 55+. 

“Seasons is for people who want a place to call home but don’t want to deal with the hassles of homeownership,” Zane says. “We’re not a nursing home; there are no nurses and no meals. It’s like a college dorm for people over 55. Life is a lot more fun without all the stresses of homeownership and amongst friends.”

Growing Steadily Since 2008

Seasons Under the Oaks broke ground in 2008 at 3511 Conifer Dr. As Seasons has expanded, INB has been there every step of the way.

“We’ve had a really good relationship with INB since we started,” Zane says. “Mark Donovan (SVP) was our original point of contact, and that budded into a great friendship. Now we’re working with Nick Horton (AVP, commercial lending), and it’s been an easy transition.”

Zane began working in the family business in ground keeping and has since taken on a more substantial role on the administration side with greater responsibilities in the day-to-day management. He credits INB staff for their willingness to take time to answer his questions and listen to new ideas.

“Everyone at INB has been great to work with and has been a big help for me personally as I’ve transitioned into more involved roles with the business,” Zane says. “I don’t feel like it’s a ‘traditional’ bank relationship.  

“As we continue making the properties the best that we can, INB is trying to help with whatever we need to get done. We all saw the vision from the beginning, and INB saw it all the way through.” 

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