Resource One acknowledges that they likely wouldn’t be in business today without INB’s support.

“We came to INB back in the early 2000s; the economy was in a bad situation, and we were in a bad situation,” says Cindy Davis, co-owner. “Our bank at the time pulled the plug on us, and we had to find a bank in a hurry. INB came through for us, and we will never forget the fact that they did this.”

Resource One was started in 1987, first opening in Vinegar Hill Mall before a couple of relocations that landed them in their current space in downtown Springfield on Adams St. Cindy started and ran the business with her partner, the late Craig Mannschreck.

Resource One provides commercial clients with interior solutions, design and furniture. They also have a division called agileResource that provides off-site manufactured interior construction called DIRTT, which stands for Doing It Right This Time. This division also provides solar shades and acoustic solutions.

Cindy believes that INB’s strength lies in the bank’s community-minded culture and local decision-making.

“I think INB being locally owned and managed makes them different because loan decisions are made quickly. They trust you, and it’s a wonderful partnership because they know us and we know them,” she says. “CEO Sarah Phalen is a great leader; when the going got tough for us, she listened to me and told me ‘we are your partner’.”

Cindy and Craig formed a deep friendship over the years with their lender John Maxfield, until his retirement in May 2019. Now, the company has a similar level of comfort and trust with Evan Westlake, SVP, commercial lending. 

“I don’t consider myself a customer of INB; I consider myself a partner,” Cindy shares. “They do business with us, and we do business with them. We have a mutual, beneficial situation. We really feel like they are family.”