20 Years, 20 Stories, service anniversariesGreg Floyd has worked on every floor of INB’s main branch in downtown Springfield at one time or another.

“I’ve been in everything from a closet space to sharing a whole floor with just two other people,” he laughs.

Greg started his new job at INB 20 years ago before the bank had even officially opened its doors, ready to get to work building a new community bank in the central Illinois region. “I had no idea as I walked into the doors that I would be spending next 20 years here and establishing life-long friendships and creating a family. It becomes your work family.”

Greg is part of a group of INB staff who joined that first team and still remain today. They are now celebrating their 20th service anniversaries as the bank celebrates its 20th anniversary in business.

Commemorating 20 years with INB, alongside Greg, are: Cathy LeConte, executive assistant; Nancy Dunham, SVP; Lenora Jones, senior teller at INB Fairmount; Gina Diel, VP, loan administration; Debbie Shelton, SVP, customer service; Jenny Broughton, deposit operations officer; and Kathy Greer, SVP, retail executive.

Three of INB’s executive team are also celebrating 20 years: Sarah Phalen, President & CEO; Tom Gihl, EVP, COO; and Pat Phalen, EVP, Trust Officer.

Proud to be Part of Original INB Team 

Jenny said, “It has been an honor to be part of the original staff who started at INB 20 years ago. It has been amazing to look back and see how we started out with such a small bank and have progressed to what we are today . . .  I have met so many wonderful people over the years, and I have developed great relationships. I’m so proud to be part of the INB team and celebrate 20 years with INB!”

Gina said she was drawn back to INB after having been a staff member at the “old INB” that was eventually acquired by larger banks. 

“I knew most of the people who started the new INB, and I felt they were genuinely happy that I chose to be part of the new INB team. When you feel appreciated, it makes a big difference,” she says. “I have met and worked with some amazing people and have learned a lot from many. Not only have they taught me things about the job, but life as well.”

Kathy Greer acknowledges that she was actually ready to move on from her career in banking with larger banks just before she joined INB.

“During my employment at larger banks, I had lost the ability to provide the level of service to customers that I believed I should. Yet at INB today, even though we have grown over the years, we have kept the central focus on the customer,” Kathy says. “In my role, I have most enjoyed working with great people every day and having the opportunity to see them grow into their roles and many times being able to help them advance into other roles.  It is rewarding to look around the bank and see employees in other departments who began their career at INB in the retail department.”

Technology and Leadership Drive INB Employees

Over Debbie Shelton’s career, she has seen many changes take place in retail banking. She recalls Friday “payday” evenings when INB staff needed to set cones in the drive-through lane for closing time. 

“The number of customers who come into the bank now has decreased,” Debbie shares. “Technology has been great to help with speed, accuracy and fraud in banking. Now we have direct deposit, mobile deposit, online banking, person-to-person payments, ATM/debit cards, and more.” 

“I think INB has experienced such great success due to our strong foundation of leadership, investors/stockholders, and quality of our employees,” Debbie adds.

Cathy LeConte echoed Debbie’s sentiments about INB’s leadership.

“The first thing that comes to my mind when I reflect on my years here is all of the relationships I’ve developed. It’s been a privilege to work directly with the senior management team, directors and shareholders since the beginning,” Cathy says. “What makes me happiest in my role is the ability to support the management team and help their roles run smoothly. I love my job every day.”

Greg explains that the “family and team atmosphere” is what has kept him here the two decades since he first walked in to INB.

“I like the community bank setting, being able to satisfy our customers with the latest trends. For a bank our size, we’re very forward-thinking, which can be challenging but fun,” he says.

“I’ve seen us grow from the beginnings to the billion dollar bank we are now. Adaptation to that growth – although sometimes painful – is exciting,” he adds. “I look for that growth to continue - to expand our markets tri-state, if not four states. I look for us to continue that community bank mindset, all while offering the latest products that we are able to support. And we’re going to push it, and we’re going to be pushed, to learn new things as we go.”