When Mike Wallace first started his career at INB, the bank was using floppy disks and everything was on microfilm.Mike Wallace 20 years

“The Saturday person would go from branch to branch to pick up the daily work, and we had evening runs from Pony Express and other courier services that would pick things up to be shipped off for processing. Now we just scan everything, so it’s all in front of you!” he says.

Mike, now a commercial loan post-closing specialist, joined INB when the bank acquired an operations team from First of America in 2002, where Mike worked in the proof department. He was excited to take on a new role with INB at the time.

“INB is made up of many different people with many different backgrounds. Everybody is interesting in their own way, and, I’m sure, have their own unique stories and experiences that, although very different, have similarities in many ways,” he says. “There is also a high standard for professionalism and customer service that I believe is second to none.”

Individual Service Equals Growth

Mike believes that INB’s priority on customer service has set the bank apart in the communities we serve. Personal relationships between employees and customers is common and helps everyone feel valued.

“People like when you can speak with someone who views you as an actual person and not just a number,” Mike says. “Yes, we do appreciate the business that people do with us, but there is also a very real relationship that we have with many of our customers that have kept them with us for years and have allowed us to continue to grow.

“Also, many of our employees are deep in the community participating in many events, whether it’s a campaign drive for United Way, job fairs, coaching a child’s sports team, involvement in musical groups, or community beautification projects. INB’ers can be seen all over the place!”

Mike predicts continuous retail and commercial growth as INB moves into its next decade in business. He knows INB will continue to thrive in our relationships and implement technological innovation for the benefit of our customers.

“I see INB having even more of a diverse staff and many, many more years of successful relationship building to continue to enlarge the footprint on the community,” Mike says.