Lynne Wooden, 20th anniversaryLynne Wooden worked for the original INB for 17 years, then landed at another regional bank. In 2012, however, she was excited to walk back through the doors of INB again and see many familiar faces.

Once INB opened in 1999 under the same name but new leadership, former employees began to return year after year, as Lynne did.

“Coming back to the ‘new’ INB was somewhat of an easy transition since I already knew quite a few employees that were also at the ‘old’ INB,” says Lynne, now INB’s Vice President, Business Solutions. “It has been wonderful to work with a lot of the same people. We really have a great team that works together well with a strong focus on providing quality services to our customers.”

Lynne laughs that celebrating INB’s 20th anniversary in June “means that I have been in banking a very long time!”

The financial industry has evolved rapidly over the decades that Lynne has worked in banking.

Always Striving for Better

“The biggest change I’ve seen is the suite of products and services,” she says. “At INB, our culture has always been to put our customers first and strive to ‘make banking easy.’ I hear from folks in the community that they have been more than pleased with the service and solutions they get from INB.”

INB has been an ideal fit for Lynne, who appreciates the company’s community involvement and close relationships. Looking ahead, “I see good things to come in the future,” she says.

“Our team is always looking for ways to make things better and willing to take some chances to get where we need to be - to not only stay competitive in the market but be the best in the market.”