Kelley HimmelbergINB’s expansion over the last 20 years has allowed our employees to have opportunities for career growth as well. For example, Kelley Himmelberg has been able to gain experience in several roles during her 19 years at INB.

“I came on board in an accounting role in 2000 and worked my way up to assistant controller. In 2010, I decided to go back to school and obtained my BS degree in Organizational Leadership as I moved over to the Human Resource Division at INB,” says Kelley, who is now INB’s director of human resources. “Opportunities are available in every department. That is one thing that has contributed to keeping such a large group of employees here from the beginning.” 

Values Remain Steadfast for 20 Years

Growth of the bank has not, however, altered INB’s core values, Kelley shares.

“We still have local support, and in many cases, decisions are even made at the department level,” she says. “This enables our employees to take ownership in what they produce, and it helps to bring value to what is offered. I think that approach has helped to mold our culture of caring and respect. We are here to support our customers and staff.”

Kelley has been on the ground level of two different new companies while in her career and points to INB’s community involvement as a major contributor to its success over the past two decades. INB staff hold ownership in their communities and pride in the bank.

“Many of the successes we have seen over the years can be attributed to the teamwork and support each of us give to the other.  Even though I have always been a ‘back office’ employee, I know that without my team’s support, we would not be able to give our customers the services that they need,” Kelley says.

So what’s ahead for INB?

“It has been exciting to see INB’s expansion into markets outside of Springfield and to experience the encouragement from executive management to expand our product line to meet the customer demands,” Kelley says. “Their forethought is, ‘How do we focus on the next generation and their banking needs?’

“I am glad to be with a company that thinks about future growth and just isn’t satisfied with status quo.”