Lindsay Van Zele, Communications OfficerIf you need help breaking out of a funk, you just wait for Lindsay Van Zele to walk into the room. She usually has a story, song, or even a dance, to cheer you up. Her personality and philosophy to always “make somebody’s day” have helped her mark another career milestone. Lindsay was recently promoted to communications officer at INB.

Lindsay's high energy and team spirit have made her the ideal person to spearhead company events and marketing activities. Every day she has the opportunity to connect with employees around the bank, as well as community organizations. In her new job, she’ll also spearhead advertising and marketing activities.

She Didn’t Dream of Banking

Did Lindsay always dream of a job in a bank marketing department?  The simple answer is, “No.” After visiting Sea World in San Antonio, Texas on a family vacation, she fell in love with aquatic life. “I wanted to be a marine biologist. The killer whales, dolphins, beluga whales and stingray were my favorite. I wanted to go and rescue them,” she says.

By the time her childhood was over, Lindsay had changed her mind about marine biology, and instead took on young children by working in early childcare.  She says, “I was ready for a change. Living in Pleasant Plains at the time, our neighbor worked for INB as the branch manager. I asked him if he was hiring any tellers and applied. I began as a part-time teller and loved every minute of it. Being in a small town you know everyone. I got to work with the same ladies that my sister worked with back when she was in high school. My sister, Jessica, had been a part-time teller for Pleasant Plains State Bank.” That was 2004. Lindsay later became a teller supervisor, then moved to marketing in 2007.

Lindsay met her husband, INB’s Deposit Operations Officer Nate Van Zele, when both spoke to branch staff about an online banking bill pay promotion. Both are very committed to their jobs, but also have to balance the needs of their two little girls. Lindsay says, “Your work family is as important as your actual family. We spend so much time doing what we do, we hope in the end that we’re making an impact on our customers’ lives. I hope all of our customers can lead healthy financial lives and be able to do more with their own families, thanks to the services INB provides.”

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” – Will Ferrell in Elf

True to her nature, Lindsay says if she could have a private lunch with anybody in the world, she’d lunch with Will Ferrell. “I am one of his biggest fans and have seen almost every movie he’s starred in. I can recite line for line most scenes from Step Brothers and Old School. My all-time favorite skit is when he played the hilarious role of a cowbell musician. I have a t-shirt with that scene and the words, ‘Gotta have more cowbell.’”

Of course, she often uses a Ferrell story when trying to make somebody’s day. Either that or a giant bear hug. “I love making others laugh and turning frowns upside down,” says Lindsay.