Kate Ott Begins New Adventure Called RetirementWhen Kate Ott began at INB in September 2005, she developed close relationships with many of the bank customers in her role as a receptionist. But one customer in particular became a fixture in her day.

“An older gentleman, Stanley, used to stop at my desk, and we’d talk and talk and talk,” Kate recalls. “When I moved to deposit operations in 2015, I really missed that interaction with customers; it was very hard to get used to. 

“Now, on my breaks I walk every day, and whenever Stanley is driving down the street – no matter what street it is - he honks and pulls over, and we chat.  I’m going to miss that!”

The reason Kate will miss those moments is that she is celebrating her retirement from INB on May 15.

‘I Love Working Here’ 

Kate was working for another bank in 2005 when a colleague told her about a receptionist position open at INB. She applied, but the person she’d be replacing changed her mind about leaving. However, a few months later, INB called her back and offered her another receptionist position.

Now for the last three years, Kate has served as deposit operations clerk, handling NSF processing and SAVINGS Control, among other duties. 

“I love working here. The people are all so wonderful; it truly is like one big family. The people I work with have been my favorite part,” Kate shares. 

“It will be hard to find someone to replace her,” acknowledges Greg Floyd, vice president, deposit operations. “She treats everyone well, jokes around with everyone. I call her Superfan Kate, because I don’t think there’s a bigger Illini basketball fan. And I called her Mushroom Hunter Kate, because she loves the spring season so she can hunt her morels.” 

After moving into deposit operations from her receptionist role, Kate “adapted wonderfully,” Greg shared. She has been a positive addition to the department since. 

“Kate is our main cheerleader and morale booster; all her other great work is just additional icing,” Greg jokes.

‘Enjoying Life’ on the Horizon

While Kate knows she will miss a lot about her career at INB, she also looks forward to new adventures in retirement, especially with her husband.

“My husband and I plan to volunteer at the Humane Society in Lincoln; we both love animals, and I am looking forward to that. I’m afraid we’ll have a houseful of foster kittens!” she laughs. 

“We love to garden and have plans for more flower beds. We also love to take our jeep or corvette out for a nice long ride, so I’m sure we’ll be doing a lot of that.  Besides all of that, what I'm looking forward to the most is just spending time together and enjoying life and whatever adventures it brings us.”

We congratulate Kate, and thank her for her years of service to INB!