Financial literacy and youth education are important to Kelly Raison NMLS #662902, who frequently gives her time to teaching Dave Ramsey Financial Peace classes at Glenwood High School.

“INB sponsors the program, and I visit the classes and make presentations to the teenagers in the class; I love this, educating them on the importance of a good financial life and how to be safe with the technology,” Kelly says.

Kelly Raison, VP Branch Manager“We work on educating everyone we can. No matter what age, we want them to have the best banking experience, and with that comes knowledge.”

Thanks to her dedication, outreach and many other skills, Kelly recently received a promotion to Vice President, Branch Manager at INB.

INB Career Started at Teller Line

It didn’t take long for Kelly to know she wanted a long career at INB when she first started as a part-time teller in 2005. Since then, she has moved into various retail roles for the bank, from teller to training teller to teller supervisor.

In 2008, she took the position of assistant branch manager for INB’s Chatham branch. 

“In the next eight years, I was able to learn a lot from my then-mentor and branch manager. I also took over managing the IRA portfolio for INB, for which now I am considered the resident expert!” she says.  

In 2015, Kelly became AVP, Branch Manager of the Chatham branch before her most recent promotion of VP.  

“I love working with customers, listening and helping to relieve stress when it comes to their finances. I really like managing the IRA portfolio and helping other bankers help customers, training the bankers on IRAs and learning as much as I can,” Kelly says. 

Motivated to Help Others Find Success  

Coaching and professional development are a passion for Kelly.

Kelly is most proud of the employees she has coached, mentored and trained to grow in the company. “To me, that is the best feeling, when you see someone achieve and you know you helped them on their journey,” she says.  

“I love to watch people grow, learn and become the best version of themselves. It is so fun to hear what they want and then to see the look on their face when they achieve it,” she adds. “It is a blessing that I work for a company that believes in its employees, wants what’s best for them, and lets me help in any way I can to coach them to the next step.” 

Kelly believes she has the ideal environment for working toward professional and company-wide goals at INB. 

“I really look forward to continue coaching and helping my team be the best, striving for the personal and professional development of each team member,” she says. “The stronger each team member is, the stronger the team becomes - which in turn makes INB stronger. I really like what I do, but I love doing it for INB because my beliefs and core values are in line with the values of INB and its executive team.”