Erin Birdsell, INB Pleasant Plains universal bankerWhen Erin Birdsell was newly engaged, she knew right away that she wanted to open a savings account for upcoming wedding and honeymoon expenses.

However, she wanted an account with more structure than a typical savings account.

“I wanted something that I could set up transfers and pick a target date,” she said. 

The You Name It Savings Account at INB was exactly what she was looking for. Erin was introduced to the account just a month after her engagement, when she took a position as a relationship banker for INB’s Pleasant Plains branch.

The You Name It Savings Account allows you to choose a target date and set up automatic deposits into the account. Then, on the target date, the amount you saved is transferred to you to be used for whatever your goal might be. 

Erin chose a specific savings goal, divided that amount over her one-year engagement to see what monthly payments would be and set up the account to transfer those payments from her bi-weekly paychecks. 

“What’s great about it is that instead of having to withdraw money myself or get a cashier’s check, I had already set up the date to get the transfer. The money was available for me to pay for the honeymoon and some last-minute wedding expenses,” she said. 

Erin and her husband were married on June 9, 2018.

“It was definitely hassle-free. If you’re busy, you might not remember to put away savings or to get your money out. I didn’t even have to worry about it,” she said.

Not only was the You Name It Savings Account ideal for Erin’s goals, she now has firsthand experience to share with her customers at the branch. 

“One thing I love about the You Name It Account is that you’re only allowed two withdrawals a month; because it gives limitations on taking your money out, it really does help you save. I knew my money would be there when I needed it,” she said. 

“If you’re saving for something specific like a wedding or a vacation, the You Name It account is a great option, so you have the money at the time of the event,” she added.