Quarter 4 Service Anniversaries

It’s not often that a coworker turns into a family member. For Dani Dannenberger, it’s happened twice during her career at INB. 

“My trainer when I was first hired here in 2003, Dawn, is now my sister-in-law and mother to my two amazing nephews. Andrea, whom I met when we were both assigned to the drives, is now my cousin’s wife,” says Dani, Universal Banker for INB’s Riverton branch. Both couples were set up by Dani, who says she has been “blessed over and over by meeting wonderful people at INB.” 

The strong relationships she’s formed through her years at INB have shown Dani the importance of teamwork. 

“When you are lucky enough to have a ‘work family’ atmosphere, where we all get it and we all care—it truly makes all the difference. Not only does it enable us to work efficiently and effectively, but also allows us to care for and help each other personally,” she said.

“We are all willing to rally and give our customers the best service and really great experiences in banking, even if we are short staffed. We also do charity events for each other’s issues, ask about family members, care about and support each other - both at work and after.”

Dani has enjoyed this kind of teamwork for 15 years, celebrating her service anniversary for the 4th quarter of 2018, along with Rhonda Brown, remittance processor. Patrick Edwards, SVP, commercial lending, is commemorating 10 years at INB. Courtney Tolley, teller supervisor at Riverton, is celebrating her 5th anniversary.

INB is Home 

Courtney echoes Dani’s sentiments about INB’s Riverton branch: “I truly feel at home at INB. Riverton is such a ‘close knit, small town’ that I have grown to love over the last five years,” she said. “Not only have I gained coworkers who are more like a second family to me, I am also able to call many of our customers good friends as well.”

“I’ve always liked the company and the people I work with,” added Rhonda. “I’ve met a lot of good friends.” 

Staff members pointed out that the INB culture extends well beyond the work day. INB employees consistently band together off the clock to participate in charity events, from the United Way Day of Action to the Little Hats, Big Hearts campaign to various 5Ks throughout the year.

With relationships both in and out of the office, coming to work every morning is something to look forward to. Pat Edwards explained, “The team environment is strong at INB, and that makes it a pleasure to come to work and satisfy all of our customers’ needs. I enjoy the people I work with and the ability to deliver to our customers and exceed their expectations on all levels of banking.”