Customer survey on mobile phoneCompanies that understand customers’ expectations and experiences provide the highest quality of service.

One of the best ways to gain understanding is through feedback via customer surveys. Using surveys, we can build on our relationship with you, learn from any mistakes and create initiatives going forward that enhance your experience at INB. 

So what’s the hang-up? Customers need to actually complete the survey first before companies can collect any data or make any changes.

Before you groan in protest, we want you to remember that making banking easy is our mission at INB. So our surveys have been created with the same mission. These surveys are a valuable tool for our company, so we want them to be easy and convenient for you.

Below you’ll find some common concerns to taking surveys – and you’ll see what our solutions are…

Concern: Surveys take time. 

Not this one! INB’s survey takes just three minutes. 

That’s 180 seconds. There are 10 questions that you can complete without wasting a half hour of your day – but that provide tremendous value to INB.

Concern: Receiving and returning surveys is a hassle.

Past survey collection was done through paper or phone, but today, customers can be reached in real time, digitally. The best self-service platforms allow companies to distribute surveys rapidly through email, text message, and other convenient channels.

INB’s survey can be taken on your smartphone, computer or other device.

Concern: I’m not sure why the bank needs me to answer these questions.

The purpose of a survey is for a company to learn more about an area of its organization. 

While we have operational data, it’s the experience data that truly helps us in building on our quality customer service.  

Here are three reasons why we want to hear from you!

Concern: What’s in it for me? 

Our driving force is to provide you with a financially secure future. And we want to do that in the easiest way possible. Hearing your feedback is essential to helping us help you meet your financial goals.  Your feedback helps us learn from our mistakes, build on our customer service experiences, and create strategic plans with you at the forefront. That means we will be developing new events, bank experiences and community initiatives based on your input. 

We will send surveys via email. We are grateful for every piece of input we receive, and we thank you for taking three minutes from your day to provide valuable insight for us!