Welcome to the experience economy.

customer surveyCustomers today have soaring expectations for the experiences provided by companies. 

Because of this, businesses with a deeper understanding of their customers’ experiences and expectations are in a much better position to provide quality services, products and brand experiences.

As survey company Qualtrics points out: what sets some companies apart from others is “the ability to understand and manage experiences in four foundational areas—customer, employee, product and brand.”

But how does a company know what a customer’s experience was like? Through customer feedback. Customer feedback, also called experience data, is most easily collected with a survey.  The purpose of a survey is for a company to learn more about their ever-changing customers and organization.

At INB, we have operational data – such as sales figures and how many customers use our branch services versus digital products. But numbers only tell part of the story.

When we can receive experience data, that’s when we can discover and build upon our “why.” Hearing about your experiences will help us make those experiences even more positive and memorable.

Here are three reasons we want to hear from you:

To operate daily with you as the focus.

Our relationships with our customers are the most important component of what we do daily at INB. By learning about customer and employee experiences, we can continue to tailor our products and services to your customized and unique needs.  

Our mission at INB is to make banking easy for you. We want to know how to do that to the best of our ability, and your feedback is vital in doing so.

To learn from the past.

While we can’t go back and change what has already happened, we can work to ensure any issues are resolved in the future.

Customer surveys help identify the correlation between operations and our relationships. They help us recognize when you have changing needs, perceptions or interests – which is essential for meeting and exceeding those needs in the future.

As Qualtrics notes, “Not only do (survey) efforts shed light on what could have been done differently or was done properly in the eyes of the customer, they allow a company to learn from its own business results and forge a path forward into the future.”

To craft strategic plans and initiatives.

That may sound very corporate, but our plans are built around our customers. Our strategic plans directly affect you and the community you live in. When we create our company goals, that planning involves exciting events, community involvement and investments, and enriching customer experiences.  

Taking three minutes to share your thoughts, your feelings, and your feedback results in more opportunities for INB to – simply put – knock your socks off.

We will be emailing out surveys to each of our customers at different times over the next year. We appreciate you helping us make banking easier for you by filling out our INB customer survey!