children eating lunchChris Parks knows what it’s like to be nutritionally at risk.

While growing up, Chris lived with his single mom who worked the 11 p.m.-7 a.m. shift.

“I often had to fend for myself when it came to meals in the morning or after school as mom would be just getting home or still sleeping in the early afternoons,” he recalled.

So when Chris, who is now SVP, Wealth Strategies at INB, learned about a new nonprofit formed to meet the needs of Ball-Chatham CUSD#5 students who are nutritionally at risk – called Titan Fuel – he jumped on board to become treasurer of the organization.

While it took many steps to take to get Titan Fuel up and running, Chris is pleased to be involved, offering his financial experience and expertise for the benefit of the organization.

“I filed the 1023-EZ to get the charitable status approved with the IRS, pulled the tax ID and set up the QuickBooks to facilitate the accounting,” he said. “In addition, I guided the board on the need for corporate resolutions for the banking accounts and set up PayPal online giving/billing functionality and the ability to use swipe scanners to facilitate credit card donations for our annual Shrimp Boil Fundraiser.”

Chris is no stranger to this work. He not only manages wealth assets, taxes and financial planning at INB, but he also has served as treasurer for other nonprofits, including the Chatham Chamber of Commerce and St. Joseph’s Church Finance Council.

Service with Expertise

Over the years, many INB employees have served community organizations and nonprofits by lending their financial skills.

Communications Coordinator Lindsay Van Zele just stepped down from her term as treasurer for the Pleasant Plains Community Club, and Andy Roselle, VP, Commercial Lending, held the treasurer position for Rochester’s Cub Scout Pack for four years.

Andy noted that his ability to volunteer was because “I work for a community-minded organization” and said he appreciated gaining a bigger understanding of the fundraising needed for the Scouts and their activities.

Evan Westlake, SVP, Commercial Lending, also serves as Cub Scouts treasurer, for Sherman’s Pack.

“Being the treasurer of Cub Scouts has allowed me to use my skillset to give back to organization I care about; it’s a natural extension of what I do for INB and is a way I can help by ensuring our pack’s finances are in order,” Evan said.

John Wilson, Chief Lender, Executive Vice President, commended INB for encouraging employees to get involved and lend their skills to community organizations. John currently serves as treasurer for Williamsville Christian Church.

“I got involved about four years ago when there was a need to update the financial reporting and budgeting process; I have been able to help them on various financial issues,” he said. “INB gives me the flexibility to serve in this capacity.”

Backed by INB 

INB strives to support our employees and promote community involvement.

“The bank allows its employees to be generous with their time to help the overall financial well-being of the area’s nonprofits,” Evan pointed out.

“INB is always extremely supportive and encourages their employees to volunteer and give back to the community and their own families in many ways,” Jamie Singer agreed. “Some of this volunteering is sitting on boards, volunteering for a few hours or day at an organization of their choice, or even monetary donations to help an organization.”

Jamie, VP, Treasury Management Services, stepped up in 2012 to be treasurer for the Batbusters Baseball youth nonprofit organization, through which her son plays competitive baseball. In the treasurer position, Jamie manages all team and player funds and helps with multiple fundraising opportunities throughout the year to help offset out-of-pocket costs for the players. 

“It can be a huge undertaking, but with my banking expertise and knowledge, it was an easy fit and transition,” Jamie said. “It can take quite a bit of volunteer time to manage the funds coming in and going out with five teams, but having a background in banking makes things much easier. It also helps that I don’t have to make any extra stops to make deposits, and knowing the services INB offers inside and out only helps my job as treasurer of the organization.”

As INB’s group of employees has agreed, the responsibilities of a treasurer position align well with their careers, allowing them to share their gifts with community organizations. 

“This is just one way I am able to help a not-for-profit organization that I am very involved in and love,” Jamie said.