If you’ve visited our downtown branch, you’ve noticed new awnings along Fourth Street and a new bright, blue INB sign near the Third Street tracks. When we redesigned our websitBank color change pat phalen - bloge last year we didn’t begin the project with a new look for the entire bank as a part of the mix, but as we looked at “old” versus “new,” we realized styles do change in 15 years, and it was time for a makeover.

Picking out the new colors was a bit like shopping. If you like to shop, then you would have enjoyed the experience.  There were a few of us around the table who only knew we liked blue. Maybe a dark green. That is if we weren’t color blind. In which case, this was worse than shopping.

Then again, we were talking about our bank, an entity each of us had helped build. So we cared enough to know lime green wasn’t the green we wanted.

While we debated color, there was no debate that we weren’t changing the logo. INB. Three capital letters built upon one another, each needing one another.  Kind of like INB employees, customers and the communities we serve. Each serves and supports one another.

So it was back to the color. Blue. How about several blues. Dark, bright and light. With accent colors of gray and green. Lime green. Graphic artists were giving the guidance. They were telling us most people will decide if they are attracted to a message based on color alone.  With this insight, we thought we’d better let the designers direct us on the colors.

Over the last six months we’ve updated our website, re-launched our mobile apps in the new colors, tried to alert our partner companies that we have new colors, and produced printed materials using the new colors.  But the most noticeable change can be found at our downtown location where you’ll find the new bright blue sign and awnings.  In the coming months, all our locations will sport similar changes.

Thanks to our local communities for supporting us all these years.  We hope you like the style we’ve chosen to wear.  As with any fashion, I suspect there will be people who preferred the burgundy to the blue like I once preferred my jean jackets and fanny packs.

Let us know what you think of our choice.  Leave your comments on our blog.