content is kingAsk a Realtor® to name the most important factors in determining property value, and you’ll likely hear “location, location, location.” Ask a digital marketer the same question, and you’ll hear three other repeated words: “content, content, content.”

When it comes to a successful social networking strategy, you need interesting (and helpful) content to share to remain relevant (and top of mind). That’s why they say “content is king.” Whether your network of preference is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or even Instagram, finding great content that you can share is something that the best networkers do on a regular basis. But who has time and where do you find this type of content without spending half your day browsing around the web looking for something to share?

During INB’s Executive Speakers Series event, our guest speaker, Eric Cook of WSI, shared some great ways to leverage technology to find great content. Not only will this keep you from posting “advertisements” about your business over and over again (which nobody really wants to hear), he shared how he uses his mobile device to quickly find, read and share interesting content. So whether you’re sipping your morning coffee, waiting in line at the grocery store or at the airport waiting for a flight, Eric shared how to turn your mobile device into your own “digital assistant” finding great information that your network will find interesting. Here are a couple of great apps that you can use (for free) to get posting.

Finding Great Content Is Easy – If You Know Where to Look

One of the content apps Eric talked about during his session was called Zite. This app works on iOS and Android phones/tablets and allows you to subscribe to one of over 40,000 topics such as gardening, business, motivation, healthy living, sports and many more. You pick the topic and the magic little Zite helpers go out to the web and find articles that are related to what you’re interested in reading (and eventually sharing). As a banker, you’d expect me to share information about how to get a loan or save for retirement . . . but when you see an article about how to achieve your dreams or a great tip about gardening you might be pleasantly surprised.

Once you start using Zite, you’ll be amazed at the great information that will literally be at your fingertips. As the app finds you information, you can even “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” articles to further help Zite narrow down on your particular reading preferences. Now, right from your phone (or tablet) you can share to your favorite social network(s), email the article link to a friend or colleague or even send it to yourself to print when you get back to the office.

Sharing Across Multiple Networks with Buffer and Hootsuite

So, now that you’re finding all this great content, you probably want an easy way to share it with your connections, right? Wouldn’t it be great if you could share it to all of your networks at the same time? Good news, Eric showed us how can! If you’ve got multiple social networking accounts, and most of us do these days, you may want to distribute to as many places as possible. While you can certainly post directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., the good news is “there’s an app for that” (of course). Both Buffer and Hootsuite allow you to connect multiple social networking accounts (Hootsuite allows three, Buffer allows four). So after you’re done reading that amazing article about “How To Be The Best You Can Be” in your Zite “motivation” channel, you can use either of the apps to share the article with all your “social friends.”

While each app shares content easily, Hootsuite is great to use from the desktop as well, giving you the ability to easily create “streams” to segment and follow your network activity from one page. Buffer, on the other hand, has a great feature that gives you the ability to pick three “keywords” and it will come up with 25 content suggestions (formatted as posts) that you can easily schedule and share as well. Both are worth investigating and since they’re free – your only cost will be the time to play around and see which one you like more.

Eric says you’ll want to also be sure to weave in some information about your business so people remember what you do. That way people will get ideas on how you may be able to help them. But this type of content shouldn’t exceed 20 percent of your posts. If you keep it about helpful and interesting information, you’ll find that people will be more apt to follow you, keep engaged and when the time comes, you might just find this content strategy is bringing you business.