INB app screen shotI’m a banker, but lately I’ve been pretending to be a chimney sweep as well. Yep, I not only handle deposit operations at INB, but I’m also in the Legacy Theater’s production of Mary Poppins.  Wearing both hats has me a bit stressed for time, but that’s not unlike most people who have a passion for something other than work… or a family to care for.  And when you’re busy, one thing that’s easy to overlook is the paperwork.

There’s the real mail.  The email.  Bills to pay.  Papers to shred.  Oh… and an occasional check made out to me!

I got one of those checks for my birthday recently.  And even though I work for a bank, it’s been sitting on my kitchen counter for weeks because I need to deposit it.  If only I liked our mobile banking app.

Well, I actually like the app.  It’s great for checking balances, paying bills, transferring funds. But it’s been challenging in a couple of ways.  Signing in.  Making deposits.

Updated App Comes to the Rescue

Just like Mary Poppins changes the mood in the Banks’ household, updated INB mobile app is making me sing a new song about sign-ins and deposit.  With an Apple i-Phone, I can sign into the INB app using my Touch ID.  No more ID and password!  And now making deposits is almost effortless thanks to some updated technology in the photo function.

Bottom line, you no longer need a “spoonful of sugar” when using the INB app.  In my case, I can come home from the theater, open my mail, open my INB app, and deposit my birthday check the day I get it!  That’s what I call, “Practically Perfect!”