Mt. Pulaski courthouseThe request just required a little patience topped with a big helping of more patience.

“Could you please take some nice photos of Mt. Pulaski life that we could use to decorate our branch office,” asked INB’s Communications Coordinator Lindsay Van Zele of John Muchow.  That was back in February or March.  When it was cold and things weren’t quite picture perfect in Mt. Pulaski or anywhere else in Central Illinois.

So John waited.  And waited.

Then the weather broke.  Spring came.  And it rained.  And it kept raining.  But somehow, someway, Mother Nature made glorious things happen.  And we were lucky enough to have John there to capture the moments.  Green grass.  Blue skies.  Fluffy white clouds.  Majestic sunsets.  For those of us who witness the beauty every day, it’s easy to take for granted.  You think you need to travel to the Rocky Mountains or Atlantic shore to see the brilliance.  But John reminds us otherwise.

One of John’s photos, a picture of the Mt. Pulaski Courthouse – Logan County’s county seat until 1853 — is a conversation piece.  Branch Manager Dee Jason says some people love it, while others hate it.  She is on the love side.  “I love the perspective,” she says.  “The old gas station that they just took down is there. . . .You can see the gazebo too.” Others find the upward slant slightly disturbing.

If you get a chance, stop by the Mt. Pulaski Branch and take in John’s work.  You might think you’ve stepped into an art gallery.  Yeah.  It’s that good.