“It’s a family tradition,” says Tom DiLello, owner of The Office Sports Bar and Grill. His family has been in the neighborhood bar business for over 80 years. What’s the family secret to success you ask? Staying true to the simple things . . . cold beer, good grub, and a friendly neighborhood atmosphere.

guys hanging at the barWhen I stopped by The Office to speak with Tom, I noticed an undeniable connection between him and his customers. Nearly everyone who walked through the door was greeted personally, proof of the fact that he gets to know the regulars. It’s the kind of place where everyone knows your name and what you’re drinking.

Usually that’s Bud Light. The Office sells it by the buckets, which makes it their number one seller. Stop by between 4-7 p.m.  and get the Happy Hour discount! You can also order wings, burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, Italian beef or sausage, horseshoes, or any of their delicious soups and salads. Enjoy your food while watching sports on the nine big screen TVs. The Office makes for an exceptional place to watch football as DiLello is an annual subscriber to the NFL Sunday Ticket on DirectTV.

Beyond food, beer, and sports (what else do you really need?), The Office has more to offer in the way of entertainment. DiLello recently installed four video gambling machines. After you eat and drink up, try to win your money back at the slots! Also in the spirit of winning money, Tom hosts a weekly drawing for customers. Even though there is no cost to enter, you have to be present to win. The Office gives away over $10,000 each year! Just put your name in the drawing for a chance to win.

You can bet you’ll get your money’s worth with every visit to The Office Sports Bar and Grill, especially if you use the BaZing app available to INB checking account holders. Right now you can get three appetizers for only $6,* which is one-third of the regular price!

*Discount excludes carry-outs. Not valid during lunch hour. Tax included. Merchant offers subject to change without notice.