Tonya Packenham’s husband might have registered both himself and her in INB’s “Pick an Apple” Contest, but when Tonya won, she was pretty confident it was going on her arm.  “I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep it and not let him have it,” she said when she stopped by the bank’s branch on South Sixth Street to pick up her prize.  Communications Coordinator Lindsay Van Zele suggested she loan it to him for an hour at a time in exchange for household chores.  Tonya laughed, “Ah, that might work!”

Tonya Packenham

Tonya and her husband learned about the INB contest through an email to customers.  When South Sixth Branch Manager Wendy Henton called to give Tonya the news that she’d won, she wasn’t home.  Wendy wouldn’t leave a message, but simply asked to have Tonya return the call. Wendy says, “I could tell he really wanted to know why I was calling, but I wanted to be the one to tell Tonya.”

After Tonya, a Pawnee resident, completed some paperwork for us, she stopped in for a photo and her prize.  As any of us is with our new gadgets, Tonya was anxious to get home and try out her new Apple Watch.  We explained she could sync her INB debit card to her Apple Wallet and the Apple Wallet to her Apple Watch . . . then pay quickly and conveniently with Apple Pay.  No more purse to struggle with at the grocery check out! She seemed ready to try that.

Whatever becomes her favorite Apple Watch app, we’re happy for Tonya.