Second Apple Watch Winner - feature artMy staff in Mt. Pulaski is always ready to please.  When Teller Tim French told Bittoo “Vic” Singh about our “Pick an Apple” promotion, and he asked for help registering, Tim was more than happy to assist.  Given that, the entire INB staff in Mt. Pulaski was especially excited when Vic was chosen as one of our two Apple Watch® winners!

INB chose to give away two Apple Watches recently because the watch’s emphasis on fitness intrigued us. While we’re not physical fitness professionals, we are financial health experts who believe that financial health can be an important factor in good physical health.  One website, the Statistic Brain, reports 77 percent of all physical pain is caused by stress.

At INB, we believe a healthy financial picture helps lead to a happy, healthy life.  That’s why we support tools like Apple Watch which provide instant feedback on health-related topics . . . including your INB accounts.  With Apple Watch, you can monitor your movement and heart rate and track your calories.  With the INB App on the device, you can get alerts on account activity and have account balance information instantly accessible.  As with the health features of Apple Watch, knowledge is power.

Now Vic has some of that power on his own wrist.  You can bet we’ll all be asking for regular updates on how the watch is helping him lead a happier, healthier life!

Congratulations Vic!