INB customers who have our Power or Power Plus checking accounts also have Roadside Assistance coverage through BaZing. For a fee of only $64.95* per event, you’ll get back on the road with as little monetary pain as possible. Plus, BaZing will give you $25 cash back on roadside assistance services, saving you even more money!

How to use BaZing’s Roadside Assistance

To use this service, plug these numbers into your cell phone:

Call BaZing Customer Service at 1-855-822-9464 (1-855-UBAZIN

G) and press the prompt for Roadside Assistance.

Or call Roadside Assistance directly at 1-877-822-7243 (1-877-8CAR AID).

In either case, give the operator your name, phone number, location and the type 

Family vacation; broken down car

of service you need. Be sure and tell the operator you are a BaZing member.

Service providers are available to perform the following services at the fee of $64.95 per event*:

  • Towing up to 5 miles
  • Winching
  • Jump Start or Minor Roadside Adjustments to Start Vehicle
  • Flat Tire
  • Lockout
  • Fuel Delivery

Roadside Assistance Details – the fine print

Services are provided by independent service providers dispatched by Signature Motor Club, Inc. California independent service providers dispatched by Signature Motor Club of California, Inc. Benefits are subject to limitations and conditions. The $25 reimbursement is capped at $100 in the aggregate for all the account holders associated with the BaZing account.

Should Signature Motor Club, Inc. not have a participating roadside assistance provider in your geographical area, the $25 cash back can still be applied toward the charges from another provider, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein. Prices and terms are subject to change without notice. Membership in BaZing does not constitute a membership in Signature Motor Club. This is not an automobile liability insurance contract or physical damage insurance and does not comply with any financial responsibility law. Services are performed by independent service providers and Signature Motor Club is not responsible for the negligent willful acts or omissions of the independent service providers.

How to get $25 cash back

Then to receive your $25 cash back, send your roadside assistance services receipt showing the service provider, services rendered, date and amount of service to the address below. Also include your name and note that you bank at INB:

BaZing Customer Service
P.O. Box 1167
Brentwood, TN 37024-1167

Cash back request must be received within 45 days from the date of the service. Please allow three weeks for your request to be processed and returned to you. If you have questions about these procedures or your cash back request, please call BaZing Customer Service at 855-UBAZING (855-822-9464).

*You must pay the event fee by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit card or Visa and MasterCard debit card.