Schramm-Chiaro-IBAcommitteesINB employees Caeri Chiaro and Rick Schramm will continue to lend their support to the Illinois Bankers Association (IBA) by serving on the Compliance and Ag Advisory committees.

Assistant Vice President and Lending Compliance Officer Caeri Chiaro, has served on the Compliance Division Advisory Committee since 2013. The committee assists the IBA in developing and maintaining programs which provide information, guidance and networking opportunities to bank compliance and risk management officers statewide. The committee also serves in an advisory role to the IBA to help identify the industry’s needs on a wide range of education and training matters. Caeri says, “The committee is a great way to network with other local bankers and talk about how to handle the compliance challenges that are so common in the current banking environment.”

Senior Vice President and Commercial Lender Rick Schramm is beginning his fifth year with the Agricultural Advisory Committee. The committee keeps agricultural bankers informed of major agricultural-related issues, while recommending timely education programs, advising the IBA board of recommended policy positions on agricultural issues, and interacting with other agricultural-related groups on these issues. Rick says the committee gives him easy access to agriculture lenders throughout the state, helping him serve his customers better. Rick’s NMLS number is 662906.

Founded in 1891, the IBA brings together state and national banks and savings banks that, when combined, employ over 100,000 people in nearly 5,000 offices across the state. For more information on the association, visit