Courtney MaszkiewiczLast year INB changed its checking account programs, then moved customers to the new account that seemed like the right fit. You had the option to choose another account, but most people were okay with our decisions.

But what was “right” based on when you opened your account and what’s “right” today could be two different things. As a result, INB is reaching out to customers we think might want to reevaluate each of our new accounts and choose the one that’s best for them now. So don’t be surprised if you get a call from an INB staff member.

But Really, Why?

INB offers three checking accounts, each of which has different benefits.

  1. Power Plus checking
  2. Power Checking
  3. Easy Checking

Here’s an example of some of the discussions we’ve had with customers.

Savings at Home and on the Road

Riverton Banker Aimee Craft talked to a customer who had our Easy Checking Account. With a $5-a-month service fee which we waive in specific circumstances, many people think it’s the right choice. But this customer and his wife spend about half of their time in Florida each year. INB Power and Power Plus customers have access to hundreds of money-saving discounts thanks to Bazing, a nationwide discount and protection service. When the couple took the time to sit down with Aimee and learn more about BaZing, they realized their best checking account option was Power Checking, even with the $5 monthly maintenance fee. Now when they hit sunny Florida this winter, they can expect to save money as they take in the sites and shop.

Bonus rate on CDs and Money Market Accounts

When Pleasant Plains Universal Banker Lacey Sorrill tried calling a client, she found the phone number wasn’t working. Since the client’s daughter was also listed on the account, Lacey tried her. After speaking to the daughter about her mom’s checking account (and certificate of deposit) options, the daughter said that even though her mom is older, she’d definitely benefit from using some of INB’s newer products. She especially liked the feature of our Power Plus Account which provides bonus rates on CDs and money market accounts. By the end of the discussion, our customer’s daughter liked what she heard so much, it sounds like she will soon be moving some of her own money to INB from another bank!

40 Percent Safe Deposit Box Discount

Montvale Customer Service Representative Courtney Maszkiewicz checked in with a customer to explain how the features of our Power Plus account could save her money. During the conversation, Courtney learned the customer had a safe deposit box at another bank. By changing her checking account to an INB Power Plus account, the customer got a 40 percent discount on an INB safe deposit box. That discount alone saved our customer $45 a year.

Call Us!

If you haven’t been contacted by a bank representative, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’d be happy to take a look at your checking account and needs to make sure you’re taking full advantage of the products we offer.