Nick HortonOne of the driving reasons Nick Horton (pictured here) decided to make a change from branch manager of another bank to working at INB as assistant vice president of commercial lending?

“I had been told again and again that it is a fantastic work atmosphere – fun and easy-going while still being challenging – with supportive managers and staff,” he said.

The impact of word-of-mouth affects not only your customer base and client referrals but also heavily influences employees, and at INB, we consistently make decisions and take actions to create an organizational culture that welcomes new employees and opens the door for the best possible career environment.

When new employees begin their career at INB, we in human resources immediately meet with them to go over paperwork, answer any questions and let them know how glad we are that they’ve joined our team.

Then within 30 days of their start date, we send each employee a welcome package that includes a name bar for their desk, an INB pin to wear, an INB coffee mug filled with drink mixes and candy, and a personalized card from the HR team. Receiving INB items and their name bar right away helps our employees to immediately feel part of our organization and culture.

When Horton started in mid-September, he told us he was grateful that his initial meeting with the human resources department was efficient and organized.

“My meeting with HR took less than 30 minutes due to the fact that all my information was compiled together in a well-organized packet prior to the meeting,” he said.

And there’s a good reason for that – in human resources and other departments, we know that our employees have roles to fill that are essential to the productivity and high-quality customer service of INB. Our job is to be organized with procedures and appointments so that everyone else can better do their jobs without being stuck in meetings filling out paperwork!

After welcoming each new employee individually and acquainting them with INB, we also hold a New Employee Orientation each quarter, which is a luncheon for all new employees that is also attended by INB’s senior management team. The members of senior management introduce themselves, and new employees are able to share about themselves as well, which is a huge benefit for both sides as it offers a face-to-face opportunity to learn more about not only everyone’s professional careers but personal lives as well.

During this meeting, management usually shares stories and the history of the bank, and we show a video of our president and CEO Sarah Phalen speaking about our core values, IT security and phone procedures, a summary of our 401k plan and website, and more.

This orientation meeting offers just the start of the lasting connections we cultivate at INB, bringing together new and seasoned employees to learn about various areas of the bank and how we all work together to achieve the best for our customers. Whether our employees have been at INB for 16 years or 6 days, we strive to make sure they feel welcome and an integral part of our culture – because they are!