Viewing your account statements on-line is one of the best ways to check your paid bills, see your monthly expenses, and ensure against fraudulent activity on your account. Electronic account statements also give months of your account activity right at your fingertips.

Electronic financial statements contain the same information as paper financial statements, but with more convenience, security and environmental advantages. Going paperless with your bank statements offers a range of benefits to you, including:

Piggybank over a modern laptop, the cost of technology and information (isolated on white)Easy sign up.

Once you sign up for online banking with INB, you can elect to receive your account statements electronically. In the upper right-hand corner of your online banking screen, select “online statements.” (If you have more than one INB account, simply select the desired account from the drop-down menu.) Each of your electronic statements will show up as a PDF link for you to view or even download.

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Faster delivery.

Instead of waiting days for your statement to be packaged, mailed and delivered, your electronic statement will hit your online banking account within a day of your statement cycle. Not only that, but you can request a certain cycle, such as receiving your statement at the end of each month.

No shredding needed.

Shredded documents with stacked of with folder isolated on white background.Paper statements build up, and when you want to dispose of your 10-year-old files, it’s much harder to do so securely. No shredding is necessary when you save your bank statements electronically instead of your office drawer!

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Smaller footprint for your personal storage.

Rather than keeping your paper statements in a file cabinet that fills up quickly, your electronic statements will live in your online account for 12 months. Download them for yourself as well; we have many customers who download all of the electronic PDF statements onto a flash drive and keep that drive in a personal safe. That way, you’ll have your statements forever to review or even print out without taking up more than a couple inches of space. If you prefer not to do that, you can contact us at anytime for a copy of any statement.

The National Archives, Washington DCStatements retrievable even after they expire from your online account.

Your online banking account holds your last 12 months of bank statements, but they’re not gone forever if you forget to download one. INB saves all of your information for five years, as required federally, and it’s no problem to dig up one of your past statements for you.

The biggest concern many people have with electronic statements is security, and at INB, we are constantly at the forefront of technological advances to ensure the security of our customers. We generate electronic account statements “behind” the INB online banking sign-in – which means that users must present their credentials and ID to access the statements. We also encrypt statements before sending them to you so they can’t be intercepted and read by outside parties.

Between high-quality security, quick delivery and ease of use, receiving your INB bank statements electronically instead of via paper format will help make your banking easier so that you can enjoy other parts of life beyond filing and shredding bank documents!