The INB staff shares some favorite Halloween costume photos.RJ 1st Halloween

Baby pictures are cherished, so it’s no surprise Katie Hughes loves this little Lion King. Son, RJ, is now 16 months old. Katie is one of INB’s Customer Consultants.

Vice President, Client Services & Sales Development Coach Steve Miller says this photo shows the personalities his kids had when the photo was taken in 1999. Steve writes, “I love this picture because Halloween was always so much fun. The kids were all happy with the costumes they had chosen and the anticipation of all the goodies they would receive It was lucky to get them all together in one picture before the older ones went with their friends trick-or-treating and the younger ones stayed in our neighborhood with me.

“These were such wonderful times and I can’t look at this picture without either smiling or tearing up.”

Steve Miller familySteve goes on to tell the story behind each costume: The oldest, dressed as a Steal N Shake employee, was in 7th grade thinking of life ahead of her: high school and a part-time job. Steve writes, “She looks so proud in her teen age costume.”

The second oldest dressed as a hippie. She and her friends/classmates were a group of hippies. He says, “I’m sure they got together to decide what they could be that was the same. She just put a headband on her regular clothes.”

Steve’s oldest son dressed as a soccer player. “Every year we would plan what he was going to be. We’d get the costume ready. He would put it on an hour or two before trick-or-treating. Then he would come out dressed in his everyday clothes, as “a soccer player,” saying, “This year I’m a soccer player.” He is a minimalist, who did not like the hassle or bulkiness of a costume.”

Steve’s youngest son chose Tommy Pickles as his costume. “He was so proud of that costume,” Steve says. It was one piece and the shorts looked like diapers. His skinny legs really added to the look of a baby in a diaper.”

Steve’s youngest was Tigger; she’s wearing bunny ears. “She wore the Tigger outfit every day,” he says. “She loved it. At some point the ears were lost, probably years before, when one of the older kids wore it.”

Princesses GaloreLindsay Van Zele with her sister Jessica

Halloween was always a big deal in Lindsay Van Zele’s home when she was growing up. Lindsay, now the bank’s Communications Coordinator, says she and her sister, Jessica, had fun creating their costumes, decorating and painting pumpkins. “When it came to costume picking, my mom let us choose. I can remember always wanting to be a princess. So this year stands out to me because both my sister Jessica and I chose to be princesses. Fluffy dresses, tiaras, crowns, fancy shoes and magic wands were a must in our playroom. Nothing has really changed over the years except instead of me dressing as a princess, my two daughters play that part. They dress, act out scenes and watch princess movies 24/7.” Lindsay thinks this photo was taken in the mid-to-late 90’s, based on the haircut.

Dee Pedersen daughterRiverton and Mt. Pulaski Branch Manager Dee Anderson had a princess at her house, too. Here, her daughter Callie was Cinderella. Dee writes, “She was very afraid of Halloween (usually ended up making herself sick), but loved Cinderella. So we would go trick or treating in the daylight and bring her back home to hand out candy while our older two daughters could enjoy the night.”

Sing That TuneMelissa and Mickey Schaefer

I have my own favorites of my kids, but couldn’t find a single picture with all three of them in it. Back in 1997 when my oldest daughter, Melissa, was still looking down on her baby brother, Mickey, I took this charmer. While purging my home of old Halloween kitsch and costumes recently, Melissa decided we needed to keep her 50’s skirt. I’m not sure what happened to the Barney costume, but Barney sure had it right when he sang, ‘I love you, you love me . . .”

Happy Halloween everyone! Let’s go make some new memories.