Brian Payne, John Maxfield, Steve Miller


Learning to walk in heels is a rite of passage for most women. But, typically, if a guy puts on heels and pledges to walk a mile, he’s not doing it to make a fashion statement.

A group of INB’s guys will take the one-mile walk on Saturday as part of the Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault’s “Walk a Mile In Her Shoes” fundraiser. The men stepped up at the request of colleague Sarah Stahly, a member of Springfield’s Ladies Brigade, a group of local friends that does good for the community through fundraising and public awareness events.

“Ladies Brigade has been involved in the walk other years,” says Sarah. “This event is important to me because myself and several close friends have been victims of sexual assault. Giving back to an organization that helps victims, feels empowering. That’s also the mission of the Ladies’ Brigade, so the event is just right for us.”

“I wanted to help fundraise for Walk a Mile this year because it is such a fun event that goes towards an organization, the Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault, that compassionately serves the needs of victims of rape, sexual assault and violence,” Sarah continues. “Many non-profit organizations are feeling the effects of the budget crisis, and this year the Ladies’ Brigade is trying harder than ever to fundraise and fill funding gaps where we can for organizations that selflessly serve our central Illinois communities.”

Sarah adds: “For me, the best part is seeing the men stand up for the rights of victims and not being afraid to look a little silly to make that statement.”

Sarah’s favorite Elvis shoes might be on hiatus this year, but she says she also loves the breast cancer awareness shoes Todd Weir (assistant vice president, mortgage loan officer) is wearing. “I decorated those a few years ago at the request of a walker who wanted to make an extra stand.”

Other INB staff joining Sarah’s team are:

  • Steve Miller, vice president, client services
  • Evan Westlake, vice president, commercial lending
  • Brian Payne, senior vice president, remittance processing & tech services
  • John Maxfield, senior vice president, commercial lending

She also has recruits from outside the bank.

INB is pleased to help support each of the INB staffers participating on Sarah’s team. You can donate, too, by, visiting this website: