Pinterest, an app and website for sharing images, is the do-it-yourselfers playground because, as the website states, “When it comes to a great idea, you know it when you see it.”

So you see an awesome backyard planter? Next thing you know, you’re building it.

You like the beautiful wineglasses? Next thing you know, you’re painting your own.

Notice an awesome way to display baseballs? Next thing you know, you’re creating the same.

Afraid of Pinterest Addiction

If you don’t want to get sucked into the world of awesome ideas, we suggest avoiding Pinterest. Our own Caeri Chiaro, assistant vice president, lending compliance officer, says she avoided Pinterest because she’d heard it was addictive. “I didn’t need something else to keep me on the computer,” she says. “But then my husband began sending me home and yard projects. Now I use Pinterest all the time. With elementary school class parties and teacher gifts, I have a pretty big list of ‘pins’ and let my daughter decide what she likes best.

Caeri’s biggest project has been a t-shirt quilt for her son. “ My oldest will head off to college in the fall . . . He’s spent the last eight years swimming competitively and has accumulated a ridiculous number of T-shirts from his club team, summer swim, and high school team. I couldn’t throw away his memories, but I didn’t want to leave them sit in a box, so I decided he needed to take them with him as a quilt.”

Caeri’s following this pattern, found on Pinterest.

She says, “It’s not perfect but I think it’s far from a fail. It’s much bigger than I expected but, with that many T-shirts . . . The best part? He’s excited to have it! As he continues swimming for his college team, I hope it helps him to remember how important the sport has been in his life. But, if he needs a quilt for all the college T-shirts, I’m gonna need a new sewing machine.”

Self-named Pinterest Freak

INB’s Communications Coordinator Lindsay Van Zele calls herself “a Pinterest freak.” She checks in daily for ideas and inspiration.pinterest frozen party

“My boards are pinned full. Right now, I am focused on our yard, landscaping and entertaining spaces. First on my list – white wash terra cotta pots and fill with annuals. These pots will be placed in the front landscaping beds. Next – to paint an antique ladder that was left in our basement when we moved in. That will go out front with all the potted plants. I love farmhouse, rustic, vintage and country décor.”

One of her favorite past projects was throwing a “Frozen”-themed birthday party for her oldest daughter when she turned 2 years old. “If you ask my husband and members of my family, I totally went nuts with projects. I strung cotton balls with fishing line and hung from the ceiling. Cut out coffee filter snowflakes. Hand sketched and painted a 3-foot-tall Olaf so photos could be snapped next to him.”

Lindsay made “Frozen” themed food and name cards. She made centerpieces with twigs and branches from our yard, spray painted white and blue, then glittered sitting tall in glass cylinders with snow at the bottom. Lindsay says, “Even Addison’s cake was a shade of frosty blue. I even went as far as having Elsa herself visit, sing and read a book to all the kids. Addison will never forget this party and that makes my heart happy.”

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