After working at another local bank for 10 years, Jacque Wise felt a little like she was “starting over” as she transitioned into a mortgage processing position at INB in 2012.

quarter two service anniversaries

“Working with a financial institution for so many years to then start over was a little intimidating. However, I must say I have developed some amazing relationships with my co-workers that have escalated to friendships outside the bank; some I would even say have become best friends,” Jacque said. “Unlike a lot of individuals, I now enjoy waking up and coming to work in the morning because I know the relationships that have blossomed help make my work day that much more enjoyable.”

Jacque is celebrating her five-year service anniversary at INB for the second quarter of 2017, joined by Allyson Engle, quality control specialist at the Chatham branch. Commemorating 10 years of service are Rebecca Steil, universal banker at Wabash; Dan Seman, director of facilities; Pam Cain, branch manager in Peoria; and Kim Turk, commercial loan officer in Peoria.

10 Years in Peoria; Original Staff Celebrates

Kim and Pam said they have been excited to see how much INB has grown since the opening of the Peoria branch.

“Over the last 10 years, I have seen quite a change,” Kim said, recalling that when Peoria’s branch opened, only four employees staffed the branch, including Pam. “Then we added an additional teller to help me and Pam out as things were growing, and we added a mortgage department as well. We went from primarily a commercial-based bank to a full-service bank.”

The Peoria team noted the devotion of their local customers and the enjoyment those customer relationships brings to their daily work.

“We have developed personal relationships with so many of our customers over the last 10 years,” Pam said. “There are many times they stop into the branch, not to conduct a transaction but just to visit with the staff. They feel comfortable talking to us about their families and day-to-day lives. As far as the INB staff, I have worked with and continue to work with some wonderful people in my 10 years in the Peoria branch as well as in Springfield.”

Learning Part of On-going Employment

Allyson Engle noted her gratitude for the opportunities INB provides its employees, such as assisting her as she pursued her college degree.

“One of my best experiences of working at INB is how INB helped me when I went back to receive my bachelor’s degree in psychology from Benedictine University,” she said. “They assisted financially, by helping me pay tuition for some of my classes. I also received support from the people I worked with who cheered me on through the process.”

Staff friendships and customer relationships have also been a highlight for Becky Steil. She first heard about an open position at INB’s Wabash branch from her sister, Courtney Maszkiewicz, who has been a banker for INB since 2001.

“I was working at another bank and was looking for a smaller bank where I wasn’t just a number,” Becky recalled. “Over the years, it’s been quite amusing to hear customers come in and get me and Courtney mixed up, or even ask “are you twins?” since we look so much alike! Many of my customers have been coming to see me for years, and it makes my job so worthwhile to hear a customer say they prefer to talk to me because of the close relationship we have built. I believe the close relationships we all develop with our customers truly drive the bank.”