Josh Ishmael emojiThe Springfield Business Journal recently recognized 40 members of our community under the age of 40 for their professional accomplishments and community involvement. INB’s General Counsel/Senior Vice President Josh Ishmael was on the list.

Josh is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Southern Illinois University School of Law. Aside from his work for INB, Josh is an active member of the Ansar Shrine and Shriners International. He and his wife are also are also parents to two young daughters.

Below are answers to a few questions that Josh provided to the Springfield Business Journal and published in the magazine’s July issue.

What’s your guiding principle in life: The Golden Rule is always a good start, and I strive to treat others as I wish to be treated. In my profession, it is difficult to achieve that result one hundred percent of the time. However, I always look for those words or actions that are effective but respectful.

Why did you choose your current career? I always loved the idea of being a lawyer and practicing law. I also love business and the entrepreneurial spirit. My current career allows me to work in both worlds. My career allows me to work in a company that provides financial services essential to individuals, small businesses and large corporations while giving me the chance to work with the law and offer professional legal advice.

What’s your greatest hope for Springfield? I hope one day Springfield can be seen as a home for opportunity and a beacon of progress, including political progress, rather than the center of political infighting, budget-related turmoil and a broken system.