Just when you think a bank statement that is nearly two years old will never be needed again…you get audited.

With INB’s new online banking system that is going live October 17, we are welcoming exciting new features that will bring newfound convenience and ease to your online banking process.

tablet with documentNeed longer access to your past account statements? You got it.

“We will have past statements available for 24 months,” said Jamie Singer, vice president, Treasury Services Manager. “Starting in October, your online banking account will begin accumulating your previous statements and will then keep those for a full two full years.”

In working at INB’s Main Branch in downtown Springfield, Jamie has found that customers regularly request account statements.

“Some are for audits, court cases, possibly budgeting, and – most common – for tax purposes,” she said. “With our previous online banking platform, customers could only access the past 12 months, so this should be a very convenient perk within our new system. This allows our customers to easily access 24 months of past statements at their convenience without having to go through another step to request those statements from us.”

And speaking of taxes – not only can you obtain your previous two years of statements, but you’ll also have access to your INB tax forms within your online banking account.

“No need to remember what pile your tax form is hiding in on your kitchen counter,” Jamie said. “With everything directly accessible in your online banking account, it makes life much easier.”