send secure documentsSending secure documents to your bank in a way that is, well, secure may feel tedious. There are hoops to jump through, additional passwords needed, different systems utilized.

No longer. Now it’s secure and easy.

We are changing our online banking system on October 17, and with that switch comes a new feature that allows us to exchange sensitive documents with our customers in a simple and highly secure way.

“Behind your login within online banking, there will be a portal that is basically like an inbox,” explained Greg Floyd, vice president, deposit operations. “This will give you the capability of attaching documents. Previously, we had to use a separate system with additional ID and passwords, but our new online banking system integrates it all.”

Need to send in tax documents for your impending commercial loan closing? Simply attach those documents in your online banking account.

“Once you’ve identified yourself and logged in, we can then freely send documents back and forth within your online banking portal,” Greg said.

That’s not all you can attach, using INB’s new online banking platform. You can attach documents or photos to any of your transactions as well.

“If you purchase an item with a warranty of two years or less, you can take a picture of your receipt and warranty and attach the pictures in your online banking account and not have to keep paper copies,” said Mark Donovan, senior vice president, commercial lending. “Your photo will stay with that transaction for 24 months, and the amount of attachments you can do is basically limitless. It’s pretty high-tech.”