Little Hats, Big HeartsWhen we planned knitting and crochet events at our branches to support the American Heart Association’s Little Hats, Big Hearts campaign, we didn’t know what to expect. For starters, would anyone be interested? And what would a session entail?

From the start, we found interest from INB staff. INB’s own “yarners” came forward and offered to make hats. Employees who don’t knit or crochet learned to use a loom. Some employees taught other employees how to knit or crochet. One employee in particular, Customer Relationship Coordinator Vicki Wall, stepped forward to lend her expertise and, more importantly, her enthusiasm. And best yet, she brought along her mom, Cheryl Womack.

Thanks to Vicki and Cheryl, we hosted seven events over six days – one at each of our Sangamon County locations. We filled our conference rooms at each location, often pulling in chairs from staff offices.

And as far as the agenda goes, we didn’t really need one! Our “yarners” came in, showed us what they could do, shared patterns and techniques, and helped one another. Others chatted as they took on the task of making a hat. During our one-hour gatherings, a number of participants even completed a hat! Most sessions lasted longer than an hour simply because everyone was busy, talking and happy. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Winner! Winner! Yarn Not Dinner!

We were happy to award a $50 craft store gift card to one participant at each event. Our winners were:

  • Judy Brian
  • Mary Lu Hinkle
  • Lisa McDowell
  • Dawn March
  • Gari Hurst
  • Michelle Dickerson
  • Nancy McGlauchlen

Yarn Available

Thanks to generous community donations, we have yarn available in our branches for anyone who would like to make red hats. Come pick up a skein or ball. You can use any pattern you’d like.  Hats should be returned to any branch location. We are shooting for 2,400 hats by Jan. 18. After that date, the hats will be laundered and packaged before we deliver them to the hospitals in time for Heart Month, February 2018.