Employees who celebrated their service anniversaries in the fourth quarter of 2017 have been grateful for this as they have worked hard to earn promotions and learn about different facets of bank operations.

“When I first started here as a teller, I would never have imagined I would be where I am now,” said Marcy Smock, universal banker at INB’s Mt. Pulaski branch. “I began working the teller line and was then asked to be senior teller, which led me to becoming teller supervisor. I was always looking for more to do, so each time I moved up within my branch, I would take on the role of something else. Within the last year, I put myself out there willingly and eagerly to learn more and became a Universal Banker.”

Vicki Wall, Amanda Donley, Marcy Smock,“I continue to learn new things each day and I love it,” she noted. “The banking business is always changing and growing, so there is always something new coming my way!”

Marcy will be honored for her 5 years of service for INB at a luncheon early in 2018 , along with Amanda Donley, who celebrated 10 years. Vicki Wall, CRM coordinator, and Nancy Verkuilen, deposit operations officer, commemorated 15 years at INB.

Ten Years and Counting

Like Marcy, Amanda also acknowledged that she feels recognized for her commitment and efforts at INB.

“My best accomplishment at INB is becoming an officer of the bank; it is a privilege to have worked so hard and be rewarded for it,” she said.

Amanda said she finds the culture at INB invigorating.

“INB is passionate about teamwork which leads to great customer service,” she said. “All the employees have a team mindset which helps get things accomplished which helps the customers in the long run. The co-workers that I have in Chatham are awesome and that makes me enjoy coming to work every day. After working here for 10 years, you get to know each other’s families and know so much about who each person really is.”

Still Counting at 15

Customer service has certainly changed over the 15 years that Vicki Wall has been at INB, due to technological advances, but INB has continued to adapt so that we don’t sacrifice personal relationships in favor of technology.

“Today, we see less of our customers, and because of technology, they don’t need as much assistance. But at INB, we make every effort to get to know our customers better,” said Vicki, who worked on the retail side of banking before moving to the client services department in spring 2017. “INB provides customers with state-of-the-art technology, while still working to maintain personal relationships.

“Staff members periodically call customers to follow-up on things that were previously discussed in person, making sure that any issues are resolved. We even mail customers a birthday card signed by the branch staff, so that they know we are always here for them,” she added.

“At INB, we are in the people business.”