Becky Luzinski and Natalie Dodson
Becky Luzinski NMLS #662894 and Natalie Dodson NMLS #574151


Becky Luzinski has a breadth and depth of experience in the home construction industry that is unmatched in the Springfield area. Her financial career has been spent doing construction and home mortgages for 27 years, and she is married to a home builder. But it doesn’t stop there. For nearly as long as her working career, Becky has also been involved in a volunteer capacity in the local home and real estate industry.

Becky currently serves as a member of the Capital Area Association of Realtors and member of the Springfield Chamber of Commerce, but her longest standing role has been with the Springfield Area Home Builders Association, where she is now the associate vice president of the board of directors and chair of the social committee.

“I’ve been in banking for 27 years and involved with the Home Builders Association for 25 years,” Becky said. “I had been going to the monthly meetings for a while but got much more heavily involved when I began working at INB in 2000.”

Becky said she has enjoyed learning about the inner workings of the board and association and keeping a pulse on local home industry issues and news. She is also pleased with the connections that have been fostered among many of the association’s members.

“We have members across the spectrum of the home building process, and it’s fantastic to be able to build these relationships throughout the community.”

Becky is also involved in the Home Expo each year; this year, she is volunteering on behalf of both INB and the Home Builders Association for the event, which will be held February 23-25.

“INB will have a banner on display at the mezzanine level of the convention center at the expo, and I looking forward to representing the bank and the association,” she said.

“Sometimes when people go to build a house, they don’t even know where to start, but I live it every day in several different capacities. I hope I can help the industry and help bank customers by educating people to the best of my knowledge through my personal, career and volunteer experience.”