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Why choose INB for your mortgage when you can buy from an online service?

In a word: Confidence.

INB mortgage lenders are confident that they can offer you the best product for your circumstances. They are confident they have the training and knowledge to know all the available options. They are confident they can provide a simple process. And they are confident they can show you the benefits of working with someone with ties to the community.

Product Confidence

There’s not just one product out there called, “mortgage.” There are fixed and adjustable rate mortgage products. There are government insured loans and conventional loans. VA loan, FHA loans, jumbo loans. INB mortgage lenders have experience in all types of products, so you don’t need to research each product to determine what is best for you.

INB mortgage lenders have flexibility to provide you with a product that meets your individual needs. Our lenders will look at your personal, ever-changing financial situation instead of using a cookie cutter model. Local bankers can do this because they get to know your situation. This allows them to use their own brain power – instead of a computer algorithm – to determine things like how much you can afford to invest in a home each month.

For example, perhaps you just finished medical school. Or just got a big annual bonus. Or have an inheritance coming your way. INB lenders can weigh these factors into determining a loan that will be good for you in the long run. We’ll provide you with options between loan programs with traditional closing costs as well as loans where we pay the closing costs for you. Which program you choose may affect your interest rate, but know we’re here to help you make the right choices.

For most new homeowners, the down payment plays a role in the home buying decision. Routinely people are told they should plan a down payment of up to 20 percent to avoid a higher interest rate and Private Mortgage Insurance. (PMI.) A mortgage lender will help determine if this is true in your situation.

Simple Confidence

You want simplicity in life, yet the home loan process does have many moving pieces. Over the years, regulations – safeguards put in place for consumer protection – have made the process document-heavy. When you work with an INB mortgage lender, you’re working with someone who can ensure you provide the right paperwork at the right time, preventing delays in getting you to your new home. We also use many online tools from beginning to end of the mortgage lending process helping make this “paperwork” move swiftly from one step to the next. Yet as we take these steps together, there’s always someone you can talk to when you have questions.

You also want the simple confidence of knowing that you can afford any home you tour. By meeting with a lender before you start the home buying search, you can pre-qualify for a loan. Then, when you make those home visits, you’ll know if the house you’re looking at will work for you. You’ll also have the confidence to teller the seller, “I’ll take it!”

Simplicity for you . . . that’s just one of the jobs of INB mortgage lenders.

Community Confidence

Homeowners contribute greatly to a community. And as part of the community, INB mortgage lenders are the people these homeowners are going to see in the grocery store or meet at school events with their kids. Working face-to-face with someone we’re going to run into socially brings an extra level of care on the part of an INB mortgage lender. Our lenders realize that good service, good products and good, long-term relationships are essential. They have every reason to provide you with the best mortgage at competitive rates.

Community ties also mean our loan decisions are made locally. We understand the central Illinois financial landscape and how home ownership can make for a better community. Interest rates are now ideal for buying a new home. . . . just another reason to be confident in moving forward.

Be Confident About Your Mortgage

The first step in planning for a home purchase is to be prepared. Then keep in mind you can buy almost anything on the internet. TVs. Cars. Soap. Shoes. You can even buy a mortgage. But should you?