What makes you want to invest your time, effort and career at INB?

A single answer echoed across the group of employees celebrating service anniversaries this quarter: the workplace culture of caring and commitment.

INB service anniversary recipients
Tim Hull, Julie Yuroff, Dee Pedersen, Linda Dirks, Mary Luft, Jody Mella, Brian Payne, Sarah Enlow, Chris Parks, Justin Coy, Josh Ishmael, Curt Vance


“There have certainly been some tough days and stretches during my first 15 years at the bank, but thanks to the people I have worked with and the team attitude that they exhibit, I cannot remember a period of time while I have worked at INB where I would wake up and dread going to work,” said Tim Hull, senior vice president/senior credit officer. “I believe that a key indicator of a strong work culture is the amount of employee turnover, and we have minimal turnover at INB and particularly in the Commercial Lending and Credit Department. Our culture is one in which people like coming to work, both because they enjoy their job but also because they like their coworkers. This is evident in the quality of our work and what we have been able to accomplish as a bank.”

Tim is celebrating his 15-year anniversary at INB for the first quarter of 2018, along with Julie Yuroff, AVP, Assistant Branch Manager at INB’s Dirksen branch.

Commemorating 10 years at the bank are: Dee Pedersen, VP, Branch Manager at INB Riverton and Mt. Pulaski; Linda Dirks, Universal Banker at Mt. Pulaski; Mary Luft, Branch Operations Officer at INB Montvale; Jody Mella, Treasury Services Representative; and Brian Payne, SVP, Remittance Processing & Tech Services.

Employees celebrating five years at INB include Sarah Enlow, IT Help Desk Associate; Chris Parks, SVP, Brokerage; Justin Coy, Home Equity Processor; Josh Ishmael, SVP, General Counsel; and Curt Vance, AVP, Mortgage Loan Officer in Bloomington.

“I came to INB already familiar with several great people within the organization because I had worked with them at the original INB; it was easy to build upon that pre-existing trust with these people,” recalled Brian Payne. “Since arriving at INB ten years ago, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work more closely with several people from the original bank that I didn’t know quite as well and have also developed strong working relationships with an entirely new group of individuals. The spirit of purpose and teamwork from all of these groups is the defining common thread amongst them. Everyone, at every level from board members and senior management to entry level staff, all work together for the success of the bank.”

Employees jump to help one another
For Dee Pedersen, the relationships she has formed over the years are a highlight of her career at INB. She points out that the INB team is quick to help each other in any way. Not only has Dee felt supported from Day One, but she now enjoys paying that forward through mentoring.

“I love mentoring my employees, watching them grow and eventually being able to promote them to a new position. This makes me so happy and proud, like I have accomplished something very special,” Dee said. “I get the satisfaction of watching them grow, develop and become proud of their hard work and accomplishments.”

Jody Mella, Treasury Services Representative, has also noticed the willingness of INB employees to pitch in and help whenever needed.

“Over the years, I have seen great teamwork within my coworkers,” she said. “The people at INB are a blessing to work with, and the atmosphere at INB makes coming to work a joy.”

“I think the one thing that sticks in my mind the most is how well the departments work together at INB,” agreed Julie Yuruff, AVP, Assistant Branch Manager at INB’s Dirksen branch. “Any time that you need help you can dial the phone and the person on the other end is willing to help. We all are focusing on the same goal, which is to help our customers.”

INB cultivates sense of community in and out of bank
INB employees are not only invested in each other during working hours but also out in the community. Sarah Enlow, IT Help Desk Associate, has found community in the INB Running Club, a voluntary group who exercises together before or after work and walks or runs in races together.

“Aside from simply progressing in speed and endurance, this group offers everyone a chance to get to know the people they may email or talk with on the phone on a daily basis. This is a group of extremely supportive and encouraging individuals who I’m proud to run alongside,” Sarah said. “During my time at INB, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to work with some really wonderful people both inside and outside the bank.”

Justin Coy agreed with Sarah’s sentiments about INB’s sense of community.

“In my years here, I’ve come to enjoy the sense of community that can be found here, both in the communities we serve and in the community that we have built within the bank,” he said. “Since I became the home equity loan processor for INB, I’ve learned much more than a degree alone has taught me and I feel it has helped me grow as a person as well.”

After having been part of the INB Mortgage Department in Bloomington for the last five years, Curt Vance said he couldn’t envision himself anywhere else.

“What brought me here, and what keeps me here, is the unbelievable mortgage department that has been put together,” he said. “We have very, very good loan officers and a tremendous Operations department. Put those together and you truly have the best situation to do mortgage. I feel very fortunate to be a part of what has been built over the last five years.”

INB’s management has promoted a team atmosphere and provided resources for every employee to succeed, Josh Ishmael noted. The bank can be – and has been – much more effective when the team is working in the same direction for the same goals.

“As INB continues to grow in financial performance and emerging in new markets, I see it as a result of great teamwork,” Josh said. “I believe the culture at INB has forged the way for our success by working within itself and its own employees rather than simply acquiring another. I am glad to be a part of a team that looks within and can see success in its own team rather than looking to others to accomplish the same.”

INB “adopts” employees into family
Mary Luft, branch operations officer at the Montvale Branch, laughs that she didn’t even truly choose to work at INB; INB actually acquired a bank that she was working for. But once she experienced the company culture and values, she didn’t want to leave.

“Once it was confirmed that INB was choosing to keep everyone that was employed at the bank, I decided to give it a try,” Mary said. “I figured a company that was willing to find a suitable place for all of us would be worth working for. Ten years later, I feel that it was the best thing that has happened in my career. I feel that my coworkers are like my second family and when I come to work, it feels more like coming to my second home.”

Linda Dirks had a similar experience to Mary. INB purchased First National Bank in Mt. Pulaski in 2008, and Linda was pleased to continue her banking career for INB.

Banking has changed drastically since Linda started – one of her first jobs in 1969 was to make the metal plates used to print the name and address at the top of every customer’s monthly account statements! Since starting at INB, she has been impressed with the bank’s dedication to growth and innovation in the industry.

“INB constantly strives to work together to improve and stay on top of the latest technology and products,” Linda said. “With direct deposit and mobile and online banking, our lobby traffic has slowed, so our employees do phone outreach to keep our customers informed of any changes to their accounts and current products offered. This keeps us connected to our customers. I am happy to be a part of the INB team.”

INB leadership paves way for growth and innovation
For Chris Parks, the decision to join INB’s team was simple. He recognized the leadership skills of the management team after having previously gotten to know or worked with several of them.

“Knowing what I did about their focus on ethics and character gave me the confidence to bring my existing clients to the bank, knowing the customer would always come first, without pressure to simply sell them the next thing to come along,” Chris said.

The culture of caring and commitment has certainly forged the way for growth at INB, from its base of Springfield to communities across Central Illinois.

“We are poised to grow rapidly in the next several years, and we have the team in place to do so,” Chris said. “These are very exciting times for INB!”