Important information about your Illinois National Bank Visa® debit card

Overview:  Visa amended its operating rules to make debit transactions without a Personal Identification Number (PIN) more widely available.  While you may currently be able to conduct certain transactions over the Internet or by phone without using a PIN, the categories of merchants that are now allowed to conduct PIN-less transactions has grown, and this trend will likely continue.  As a result, Visa has requested that we inform you of the following information:

  • Your INB Visa-branded debit card is enabled for non-Visa debit transactions1, which means that your card may be used for debit transactions without a PIN, provided that you conduct those transactions with Merchants who participate in the Networks listed on the back of your debit card.  This type of transaction is usually conducted by telephone or through the Internet.
  • INB currently participates in the NYCE Network (PIN-Debit Network2).  This network is not a Visa network.  When you conduct a PIN-less debit card transaction using a non-Visa network, your liability for unauthorized transactions is limited to either $50.00, or $500.00, depending on when you notify us3.
  • INB also participates in the Visa Network.  To initiate a Visa transaction, you must select a payment option that sends your transaction over the Visa network.  Merchants must provide you with a clear way of choosing to make a Visa Check Card transaction if they support this option.  When you conduct a PIN-less debit card transaction using the Visa network (Visa Check Card transaction), you are covered by Visa’s zero-liability policy, but you must still notify us of unauthorized transactions as outlined in your Electronic Funds Transfer disclosure3
  1. Non-Visa Debit Transaction – (effective July 1, 2008), an act between a Visa Check Card or Visa Debit Card Cardholder and a merchant that results in the generation of a transaction on a Pin-Debit Network.
  2. PIN-Debit Network – (effective July 2, 2008), a non-Visa debit network that typically authenticates transactions by use of a PIN, that is not generally known as, marketed as, or enabled as a competitive general-purpose card program, or other prohibited payment program, either directly or through a joint acceptance agreement.
  3. The Electronic Funds Transfer disclosure you received at the time you opened your account explains the notification requirements in order to limit your liability.