When you login to your digital account from any device, you'll be presented with your account balances.  

Checking, Savings and Loan Information - You’ll see your individual accounts listed on your home screen. Click on the accounts for details.

Pending Transactions - Pending transactions are the first ones you see when you look at your account. You’ll see pending deductions in red and pending deposits in green. The word “pending” is also noted above the transaction. 

This is a handy feature, providing a better picture of an available account balance. Of course, we always recommend you keep a check register so you know exactly how much money you have to spend and avoid any overdraft fees. 

Deposit Details - When you make a deposit to your account, or when an organization such as your medical spending account vendor makes a deposit, you can easily see the details. Just click on the deposit in your digital account, and you’ll see copies of the items.

Use Services from Inside Accounts - When reviewing any INB account, you’ll see a tab labeled “Services." From the tile, you can go directly to “Statements,” "Notices" “Bill Pay” or “Stop Payment.”

Attach Documents and Photos - Confidential documents are not the only thing you can attach inside digital banking. You can attach documents or photos to any of your transactions as well. If you purchase an item with a warranty, you can take a picture of your receipt and warranty and attach the pictures in your online banking account and not have to keep paper copies. Your photo will stay with that transaction for 24 months, and the amount of attachments you can do is basically limitless. 

Download Transactions as a PDF - You can download: 

  • Individual transaction items
  • Individual schedule Move Money transactions
  • Individual history Move Money transactions

This icon indicates the download option is available. 

Search - Click on the magnifying glass symbol to open the search feature and search all of your accounts. search activity

You can search your account by:

  • Notes
  • Categories
  • Date ranges (both pre-defined and custom)
  • Custom amount ranges
  • Dollar amount
  • Check number
  • Descriptions
  • Images