The Champaign Community is Our Community

Our staff is part of the Champaign community, and as a community bank, we’re uniquely qualified to meet common goals.  Like you, we want to see Champaign continue to grow and prosper.  By providing mortgage and business loans, we’re putting our money where it can have the biggest impact. 

Because we’re part of this community, we’re a member of the Champaign Chamber of Commerce and the Savoy Chapter of Rotary International. We support the United Way, and many other non-profit organizations.

Our giving is intended to help Champaign by helping the individuals who make up our diverse community. While we’ve made philanthropy part of our DNA, we strongly believe in giving people the tools they need to handle their own finances.  We’re available to discuss local programs and have one-on-one discussions to help make banking as easy as possible.