Tell us “For Mobile Deposit Only”


If you use the mobile check deposit feature of our app, you know how fast and easy it is to deposit funds into your accounts.

Moving forward, when you endorse your check for a mobile deposit, please add the statement “For Mobile Deposit Only.” If you don’t, our app will reject the deposit. While we’ve always required the endorsement, our app hasn’t been able to automatically identify it was there, so we accepted deposits without it.

While some newer checks offer a checkbox in the endorsement area indicating “For Mobile Deposit,” we need you to write the statement under your signature.

Sue McGill, INB’s deposit compliance officer, says the stopgap feature assures a check isn’t deposited more than once. “It prevents someone from doing a mobile deposit at one bank and then taking the check into another bank for deposit. By writing ‘For Mobile Deposit Only’ on the check, we can stop that activity. And every time we find a way to thwart fraud, we can spend our time focusing on customer service.”

So next time you go to deposit a check on our app, watch for the notice explaining the need for the mobile deposit endorsement.

If you have questions about the step or need help, contact our Customer Care Center by calling 1-877-771-2316 or stop by any branch for assistance.