Be Safe When It Comes to Data Breaches


People across the United States recently learned of a huge data breach at Equifax, a major credit reporting bureau. This is very different from retail store breaches. With store breaches, credit card numbers are exposed and, likely, used by the bad guys to buy things at another person’s expense. With the credit bureau breach, social security numbers, names, addresses and all the personal information someone would need to steal your identity are now exposed. The problem can’t be solved with the issuance of a new credit card. Instead, data you cannot change – your social security number, among other things – is available for use at any time.

FTC Resources

You can take steps to secure your identity, and we recommend you take action. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) offers advice: The Equifax Data Breach: What to Do if you are a victim of identity theft, the FTC also offers an interactive website to help you recover. 

INB Resources

INB’s Senior Vice President, Information Technology Charlie Kerwin recommends this in-depth blog post on a website dedicated to online security.

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