INB Sponsoring Local Art on Bus Benches


All over Springfield, you’ll see bus benches transformed into artist galleries. A partnership with the Springfield Art Association, ACE Sign Co., and several area merchants, including INB, are making this possible.

Betsy Dollar, executive director of the art association, says the eye-catching bus benches integrate local artist work into the community. “Thanks to Dennis Bringuet (owner, Ace Sign) for having the vision and ability to make this happen.”

The association is especially excited about the project because it integrates art into public spaces. “People aren’t totally aware of bus benches,” she says, meaning most of us drive by them without much notice. But she hopes the art will catch people’s attention and get them to wonder who did the work. “We hope what starts as a subconscious thought becomes more tangible.”

Dennis has been thinking about this project for a number of years. Things fell into place in just a couple of months when he recently found sponsors.

Bus benches sponsored by INB have been installed at these locations:

2nd and Ash

Taylor north of Stevenson

731 S Durkin

Stevenson and Lake Plaza

Washington and Lincoln

5th and North Grand

9th and Reservoir

9th and Washington

2nd and Cook

Liberty and Lindbergh

Washington and Amos

9th and Converse

Outer Park and Bates

5th and Wood


In December, these locations will be added:

South Grand and Old Rochester Rd

2300 W Washington

5th and Pine

Cook and 6th

Jefferson and 9th

6th and Vine

Stevenson and 14th

MacArthur and North

South Grand and 8th

Chatham and Barberry

Chatham Rd south of Wabash

Ash and 1st

Stevenson and Palmer

Washington and Harbauer

5th and Cornell


On Jan. 3, 2017, these locations will be added:

Iles and Chase

Westchester and Concord

West White Oaks and Southwest Plaza

MacArthur and Governor

North and Whittier

2301 W Washington

Durkin and Washington

1957 W Monroe

1032 W Madison

Lawrence and Henrietta


To learn more about the program, visit our blog.