Use Caution: Customers Receiving Fraudulent Email and Text Messages


If you receive an email or text message that appears to be from another bank stating your credit or debit cards have been hacked – and you don’t even have cards with that bank – delete the message immediately. 

These fraudulent email and text communications are actually from criminals trying to get a card number. The communication indicates your account has been locked because of too many invalid login attempts. You are then given a web address to use to unlock your account. While a bank’s name may appear in this address, it’s actually a bogus website. Once you go to this bad site, you’re asked to put in your account number or other confidential information. Banks may communicate with you via email or text, but INB will never provide a link to a website asking you to provide confidential information.

If you have questions about any banking email you receive, please call us at 877-771-2316.